An exclusive inner circle of high-achieving women committed to understanding and harnessing their potential and making an impact.

We support high-achieving women to put themselves first so they can create their personal and professional impact.

You’re a leader in your industry. 

You have worked hard to get to where you are. 

You are proud of yourself for who you are and what you’ve done (and you should be!)

You may also be overwhelmed, stressed, and feeling pulled between work and personal commitments. . 

You sometimes struggle to understand what makes you happy or fulfills you personally.

Your family and your work have become your “hobbies”.

Life balance has been elusive.

You feel invigorated by your professional accomplishments and are ready for the next challenge or opportunity.

You are ready for support, to have some fun, and find your village of like-minded women!

Can I be real with you for a minute? 

Society has created unrealistic expectations of what women need to be. 

Women are often shamed for being driven and high performing. We tend to “play small” or minimize our accomplishments or role at work when asked about ourselves.  

We are trying to create the lives of the 1950’s while also trying to be rockstars professionally and are stuck trying to make it all appear seamless.

Ladies…the struggle is real!

But here’s the thing…

Knowing who you are, living unapologetically, and as an individual is key.  You only have one life to live, and most of us here are doing AMAZING, earth-shattering things, yet we don’t take the time to shout it out loud, show up as we should, or even take time to celebrate.

We can allow society to fit us into a mold, or we can take control of our lives and go against the grain. It’s time to stop apologizing for being driven and truly live the most amazing, fulfilling life. 

You CAN have what you envision!

And that’s what The Collaborative is all about.

Ready to shift your perspective and truly love life?


The Collaborative

An exclusive inner circle of high-growth female leaders, committed to unapologetically making an impact and navigating life together.

This is a container and experience that connects like-minded ambitious women,

so you can experience an uplifting community and support … two things you don’t receive in corporate.

No gossip. No whining. Just real, high-achieving women supporting women.

We are real women, talking about real life.

We know what it’s like to be a woman in leadership. This is your space to come and let it all hang out, and be the real you. Join in lighthearted comradery where you can keep working towards your personal and professional goals.

Inside the Collaborative you’ll receive the following support:

And the cherry on top?

R&R Retreats

Stay Tuned for more details!

Collaborative Membership

Currently, membership in The Collaborative is extended only to women who are enrolled in or have completed programming.

Current Programming


Empower You

Owning Your Journey to Fulfillment 

Unlock your true potential with Empower You.

Our 12-week program is designed to help women find true inner happiness and fulfillment. 

Join us and discover your full potential.

Still have questions?

Speak with one of our membership coordinators to learn more!

As women, we don’t celebrate our wins enough and we tend to downplay them. You deserve to have fun and celebrate your success!!


Are you Ready to Join the Collaborative? 



per 3 month program



per month, for 3 months

*Empower You is a 3 month commitment. 

Interested in a Corporate Cohort? 

After completing programming you can access: